LA ÉPOCA is a newspaper published sixty-five years after the fact, which reports on the War of Villarrica (1954-1957), its context, its background and its consequences. Back in the day, a regime of relentless censorship blocked the news of the war, leaving the public blind to this day about the tragic events that took place in the region of Sumapaz, Colombia.

Led by Stephen Ferry, the OjoRojo Fábrica Visual team which carried out this investigation was made up Of reporters, photojournalists and historians.

Icono Editorial
OjoRojo Fabrica Visual
ISBN: 978-958-5472-64-8
Publication: First Edition, Bogotá, 2022
64 pages
Format: 24 x 34 cms
Holmen Book Cream.
Cover: Hardcover, Cardboard, section-sewn

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