• The Peace Project

    For the largest proportion of the Colombian population, the civil conflict between agrarian left-wing guerrillas, a Western-backed government, and right-wing hit squads has either been the backdrop to their entire lives or the action on the center stage. The war in Colombia pitted those who have against those who have not in one of the longest running civil wars in history. Generations of FARC guerrillas grew up in the jungles; they never went to school, attended the cinema, or felt the stability of coming home to bricks and mortar. Largely fueled by cocaine trafficking, the FARC raged guerrilla warfare against the state for over half a century and the state raged back. In February 2017, a peace agreement was signed bringing the FARC out of the jungle and into the political arena. 

    Ferry and journalist Jon Lee Anderson use their intimacy with the conflict though reengagement with the FARC guerrillas and leaders who have to balance compromise with trust for a better life ahead to explore the nascent peace.

    Text from The VII foundation