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La Época

LA ÉPOCA: Reportajes de una historia vetada (The Epoch: Dispatches from a Forbidden War) is a book designed to look like a newspaper published sixty-five years after the fact, which reports on the War of Villarrica (1954-1957), its context, its background and its consequences. Back in the day, a regime of relentless censorship blocked the […]

Medellín: Vida y ciudad

Medellín: Vida y ciudad (RM, 2014) expresses in a sensible tone what has recently occurred in Medellin while placing the citizen, the real protagonist of transformation, on the frontline with the goal of narrating the city from the user himself and his citizen experiences. Texts: Francisco Sanín, Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman Photographs: Stephen Ferry, El […]

The Peace Project

For the largest proportion of the Colombian population, the civil conflict between agrarian left-wing guerrillas, a Western-backed government, and right-wing hit squads has either been the backdrop to their entire lives or the action on the center stage. The war in Colombia pitted those who have against those who have not in one of the […]

Red Carnations

In the middle of a decade-long project on Colombia’s internal war my thinking was influenced by a chance roadside encounter.  One afternoon was having a beer along the highway between Puerto Colombia and Barranquilla, when a drunken man approached and insisted on telling me the following story: “In spite of only being a servant on […]


Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict combines over ten years of investigation and photographic documentation by the author with historical images to create a formidable historical document and a classic of war reportage.  Violentology was awarded the inaugural Tim Hetherington Prize, given by World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch to support the long-term documentation of human rights issues. […]

Violentología en español

Gracias por adquirir la versión en inglés de Violentología y/o estar interesado en leer este trabajo que investiga el conflicto armado de Colombia. Para acceder al PDF en español, presiona aquí.  


This project documents the chronic violation of human rights in Colombia by focusing on the growing phenomenon of death threats made against civilians. Right-wing paramilitary groups, that have been historically linked to state security forces, are the authors of the majority of politically – motivated death threats. Yet left-wing guerrillas are also responsible for using, […]