Monthly Archives: February 2014

Florida 2000

On assignment for TIME magazine during the electoral crisis in late 2000, I watched in detail as the Florida election officials used an array of tactics to discount votes to ensure that George W. Bush would win the election. The winning candidate’s brother, Governor Jeb Bush, and his Secretary of State Katherine Harris, blocked any […]

Havana Press

In 2003, soon after I photographed this story, the Cuban government arrested these journalists and sentenced them to prison terms of between 14 and 27 years for conspiring against the Revolution. Thanks to pressure from international defenders of press freedom, they have since been released. Along with other members of the foreign press who had […]

Marisol Khali

In the largely indigenous city of El Alto, Bolivia, over 13,000 above sea level, a new sport has sprung up: Cholita wrestling. Modeled after Mexican Lucha Libre, Cholita wrestling features Aymara women, popularly called Cholitas, who are known for wearing multiple layers of lace petticoats under their pleated skirts, and for their traditionally role as […]


This series of pictures was taken in northern Colombia, where the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean ocean. This the territory and culture where Gabriel García Márquez grew up, and his essential inspiration as a writer. Long before arriving here, I had vivid images in my head of these places, because, like millions of other people […]

The Sinister Hand

The title to this series of images refers to La mano siniestra, a 1983 painting by the Colombian artist Enrique Grau).  One day while photographing on a sketchy corner of 10th ave and 19th street in the center of Bogotá, I looked up to see a massive mural reproducing Grau’s disconcerting image of a beringed […]

I Am Rich Potosí

This work seeks to reveal one of the darkest episodes of Latin American history, to unearth a history now largely forgotten outside of Bolivia. The Rich Mountain of Potosí is located 16,000 feet up in the desert highlands of Bolivia. For almost 250 years (1573-1815), Potosí was the focal point of Spanish domination of the […]