Monthly Archives: May 2015

Semillas Propias

  This work, commissioned by the La Otra Bienal,document the urban gardens found within the Perseverancia neighbourhood of Bogotá. The exhibit was wheat -pasted on 5th Avenue, which runs along the western edge of this neighbourhood. in central Bogotá. La Otra Bienal: Here

Saharawi Resistance

The Fabric of Saharawi Resistance is an exhibition which references the tactile qualities of life in the refugee camps where Sahawari refugees have lived since 1976. The images are printed on canvas, sewed by hand and hung by ropes similar to those used in the camps to secure tents. The background to the images is […]


Images from Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict are laser printed on “Bulky” paper stock, then wheat – pasted or taped to the walls of exhibition spaces, classrooms or outside on the street. A clear diagram is provided to guide the host space in painting the background to the work. Text is printed on […]